Sunday, September 20, 2020

 found a good comeback for those challenged for not wearing the face diaper;

The issue lately with face masks has really gone to the extreme in south Florida. As I drive down the road I see people wearing masks while driving their cars with the windows rolled up. Maybe the Covid bug has mutated and can now enter through the ear from the car radio? I can't call it. People wear masks while jogging or walking their dogs in large open air areas. This level of insanity is unbelievable to me. The senior citizens are scared witless down here. If I run into 7-11, WAWA, or another small store I do not wear a mask. Hell I survived for years so far with all the Haitians, Mexicans, Jamaicans, etc and have not contracted a disease yet. That makes me bulletproof by now. I decided to run into 7-11 the other day to buy some smokes. The local 7-11 is run by Baboo the Hindu who really does not give a fuck about masks, only your cash. None of the store employees questioned me for not wearing a mask. After paying for my smokes I turned when the man behind me said " where is your mask"? I squared up to him looked him in the eye and gave him my automatic response:


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