Friday, September 18, 2020

 its virtually impossible to convince anyone that the tv is selling you a bucket of crap;

This is ridiculous. You can clearly tell Biden is going to purposely lose to Trump by appearing as a low energy, senile old man. The amount of charisma Trump exhibits versus Biden is so obvious. Biden looks like he needs to be in a nursing home. 

It's all an act. Biden and Trump are actors on the Political Stage. It's just like Professional Wrestling. Politicians steal from the WWF. Just like the WWF, one man wins and the other loses and the results are predetermined. Biden knows he is supposed to lose to Trump. So he does what will make people think he's a loser. Making mistakes like appearing out of it napping or waving to an empty crowd. Biden knows he's doing the job to Trump. It's purely scripted just like professional sports. You can tell when an athlete is purposely losing or having an "Off Day" in the NFL, NBA, NHL or Major League Baseball.

This has happened before. Jimmy Carter was made to look weak versus Regan with the staged Iranian hostage crisis ending and then a staged assassination to get sympathy for Regan right after the election. In the 1992 election two senile old men Bush and Perot made a young Baby Boomer Clinton look good. In 1996, senile old man Bob Dole made Clinton look good for reelection. Same thing in 2008. Old man McCain made youthful Obama appealing. A recycled script. One guy appears old and out of it to make the other guy look good.

Biden knows the script calls for him to look senile for the people believe the scripted result of Trump getting a second term. The goal is to get the masses to believe the result. I don't know how much they rig the elections because they are giving voters two very bad choices, so it doesn't matter if Biden beats Trump but the preference would be for Trump to get another term. He is the better actor to go along with the Presidential Psyop he has become with the media pitted against him and all the censorship resulting from his presidency. I could go on about how he has divided people more than any President by design and is a distraction from freedoms being taken away over the years.

If you can convince people that Trump could beat Biden without doing any serious rigging, then that's the better option. You don't want people questioning the result of the election. It's better for people to think it makes sense. So of course there will be talks about the Russians rigging the election but you want most people believing that a competent man got in office over a guy on the verge of being put in a home. I predict the powers that be will have a distraction going on like Hurricane Sandy back in 2012. While hundreds of thousands of people went without power during election week from the engineered Hurricane Sandy disaster, Obama got elected to a second term. Maybe some staged mass casualty Psyop or a something to do with the fake Coronavirus will go down. I just know it won't be Trump over Biden case closed without something more to take the heat off of Trump getting another term. Who knows maybe pull out the script for the staged 1981 Regan assassination for Trump? and watch more.....

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