Tuesday, June 28, 2022

 it seems that false flag ops aren't just something the empire does;

Call me a “conspiracy theorist” but you have to ask what Putin would gain militarily from striking a packed shopping centre at peak shopping hours?

The answer, of course is absolutely nothing.

Rather he would incur a lot criticism and condemnation and rightly so. IF indeed Russia was responsible?

Given that Russia would gain nothing strategically from such a strike you have to wonder if the Ukrainians haven’t learned a little from their Western allies on the advantages of a false flag? After all, the UK/US are masters at the art, as witness 9/11 and 7/7.

Not only the timing and the target raise questions but the fact that the strike very conveniently occurred just as G7 leaders were meeting in Bavaria. Moreover, the Ukrainians are also in possession of cruise missiles, such as the Neptune cruise missile that sank the Russian Black Sea flag ship Moskva.

I don’t know enough to pronounce definitively right now but the possibility that this was a false flag shouldn’t be ruled out. Ed.

World leaders condemn ‘abominable’ Russian attack on Ukraine shopping centre.......more...........

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