Wednesday, June 29, 2022

 the most evil government in history is the theme and you can tell us how this ain't so if you think you can;

The final straw that breaks the camels back must surely have been piled on this week. Lithuania has announced that it will close the treaty travel corridor between Belarus and Kaliningrad that has existed between the Russian allied countries to the east and their only Baltic Sea port for the past three decades. It is a move designed to enhance the power of the sanctions imposed by Europe and the West on Russia, following the conflict in Ukraine. This Lithuanian stance is of course advanced by the United States of America, who offer support following entry of Lithuania into the NATO alliance. Even Canada has stationed troops in Lithuania as have Germany and the USA , all part of their role in the proposed deterrence against further Russian military action on the continent of Europe.

Here’s the problem with this idea of added deterrence aimed at Russia. We in the West are the belligerent nations in the current setting. No white hat this time I’m afraid. As a vassal state Lithuania, Canada and the rest of the western alliance are all being led methodically and undeniably toward utter destruction by the most belligerent country in the history of mankind. Who you ask? The United States of America of course. Since the second world war ended in 1945, the US government has admitted to over 70 violent acts against nations and political opponents, coups and invasions, killing millions of innocents in every corner of the earth. Never before in history has a government sowed so much destruction, death and despair in its wake. Citizens of the vassal states of Europe and the Western alliance should take a moment to realize the consequences of hitching their wagon to this beast of death and destruction that is the US government as that evil group drags us toward the end of civilization.

We can read how Secretary Lloyd J. Austin III of National Defence, recently outlined the plan the government of the United States is employing in Ukraine to defeat Russia. This plan calls for the war in that puppet state to continue until Russia is bled dry, until the last Ukrainian is sacrificed on the alter of US governmental ambition to create ‘one world government’ ruled from Washington, controlling the entire Eurasian super continent. It is not about protecting democracy in Ukraine, it is about gaining control of the modern world, and Russia stands in the way of this ambition. Russia believes in national sovereignty, contrasted to an idea of domination by the US government over the whole of mankind. What is the big export product or service offered by the government of the US to the world anyway? It is death and destruction and the drunken madness that is the lust for war. The US government is the largest purveyor of military hardware in the history of mankind. The vassal states are compelled to buy equipment from the US military industrial complex of companies that manufacture stinger missiles, and F35 Lightning advanced jet fighter planes, howitzers, and bioweapons all available from Uncle Sam for a fee............more........

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