Thursday, June 30, 2022

 trust in government is at what might be an all time low;

I know it is rare, but from time to time, mainstream media stumbles on to the truth and, even more rare, dares to publish it. NBC’s Chuck Todd presents a recent poll they did, and it was a shocker – an eye-opener. It shows that the current ongoing January 6th (J6) show trial is just that. The real issue is that people don’t trust government or their politicians – both Democrats and Republicans.

First, Chuck Todd presents a “Trust in Government” historical trend. It has declined from 60% to 20% since 2000. In 2001 (under a Republican administration), Republicans believed in government by 68% and 52% for Democrats. This was relatively even between the parties.

In 2022 (under a Democrat administration), the “Trust in Government” historical trend has collapsed to just 29% for Democrats and a paltry 9% for Republicans. See NBC’s “Trust in Government” historical trend in the chart below..........more........

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