Thursday, June 30, 2022

 i'm from the government and i'm here to help is one of the worst things a person can hear;

Karen Federighi was a registered nurse living a simple life and working at a Florida hospital just over six years ago. But Federighi’s life took a dramatic turn when her father died and left her a large sum of money.

One day in January 2016, she heard a knock and found state police at her door. Right there and then, Federighi was informed that she was a “ward of the state.” The ward of the state means a child who, as determined by the state where the child resides, is a foster child or is in the custody of a public child welfare agency.

Even though Federighi lived on her own, had a job and was supporting herself, a jealous family member got a three-person panel to declare that she was mentally incompetent and unable to handle her own affairs. Nobody on that panel even bothered to check if Federighi was employed.

Federighi lost control of all her finances, making it basically impossible for her to travel. Her car, pets and all personal possessions were confiscated. She had to beg the state-appointed guardian to give her money to buy food. Because of this, she tried to escape by fleeing, but the state police chased her down and threw her into an assisted living home.

Someone was able to help her resettle in Los Angeles, but the legal struggle to regain control of her life drained all her money. She basically lost everything........more.........

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