Monday, June 27, 2022

 an ode to the 'freedom loving west' which as you might imagine doesn't quite lead you to wanting more of their 'freedom';

As the “new Churchill” Zelensky (having moved up in the world from making a living by playing the piano with his dick) struts the international stage in military fatigues while pausing occasionally to check on the state of his Swiss bank accounts and mansion in Israel, the West endlessly contrasts our boundless freedoms with Putin’s totalitarian police state. But nothing is further from the truth. Zelensky has now reached the stage where all opposition media outlets have been closed down, opposing political parties have not just been disbanded but their assets seized as well.

Welcome to the international rule-based order, an order which permits America and its lackeys to engage in piracy on the high seas, robbing the assets of foreign nationals and states and bombing to oblivion countries that “hate our freedoms”. Ah yes, I’m referring to those freedoms that we in the West enjoy which the rest of the world, or more accurately the enemies du jour conspicuously lack. In those benighted countries the media is controlled by a fusion of the permanent government and billionaires, only one narrative is permitted, there is in reality only one political party although others with superficial differences are allowed to play within strictly defined parameters, ordinary citizens opposed to the approved narrative are restricted to samizdat outlets, offend against a prevailing shibboleth and you get fired, fined or maybe jailed. Whereas on the other hand in the freedom-loving democratic West it’s…..well actually it’s pretty much the same, isn’t it?..........more........

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