Saturday, June 25, 2022

 the empire is doing all it can to get russia to attack it and pcr says they'll be successful which will result in nukes;

War With the Russian Federation

Paul Craig Robers

I remember when others tooted my horn. The French government of President Francois Mitterrand bestowed upon me the French Legion of Honor for the restoration of economic science. President Reagan sent his Budget Director, Jim Miller, to the award ceremony with a letter from Reagan giving me credit for Reagan’s successful economic policy that cured stagflation. The US Department of the Treasury gave me its Silver Medal for “outstanding contributions to US economic policy.” Who’s Who in America gave me the Lifetime Achievements Award. The Press Club of Mexico gave me its International Journalism Award. When my children were born congratulatory letters arrived from such luminaries as the Chief of Naval Operations and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. And so on.

Today, my horn is not tooted unless I do it myself, which I have not done but now will. I have ruined myself by telling the truth, and I don’t even get credit for that.

Yesterday (June 23, 2022) The Saker (Andrei Raevsky) wrote that it has become undeniable that what began as a Russian limited military operation in Ukraine has turned into an open and full-scale war between Russia and the West.

I was the first person to put into print that the “limited” aspect of Russia’s intervention in Donbass was a delusion. Washington, I said, would never allow it to be limited. For this obviously correct insight, Andrei denounced me as anti-Russian. Dmitry Orlov dismissed me as a crank who wanted nuclear war. In other words, my pointing out a Kremlin miscalculation that would result in a wider war was unwelcome despite its obvious truthfulness.........more........

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