Monday, July 27, 2020

you cling to the illusion. elections have brought nothing for citizens for too many years to begin to count but everything for corporate and military interests for at least fifty years. there is always just a 'choice' between bad and worse as the rich and powerful continue to gain. we're patted on the back by the politicians as they assure us we love our 'choice'. it would be an interesting thing if we had the choice between two good candidates for president instead of the usual lesser of two evils. the tv lies virtually all the time. 1.5 million died last year from tb but we hear no mask warnings or requirements to deal with that. the homeless seem to have suffered no more in this plandemic than they would from the flu. have you noticed that we continue, as a country to be aggressive with several small countries as we antagonize russia and china? what would happen if 'our' government acted to solve the massive array of problems we have at home and left the world to deal with its own problems as well?

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