Sunday, July 26, 2020

life in the land of the free as permitted for disabled veterans;

Due to the archaic cannabis laws in the Land of the Free, a disabled veteran was sentenced to 5 years in prison for possessing medical marijuana that he had a prescription for in one state but got caught with in another state.
Sean Worsley,33, who is a disabled veteran who has PTSD and a traumatic brain injury from his time in Iraq, will now spend the next five years in a cage for using a plant to heal himself.
While Sean was traveling with his wife Eboni to visit family in Mississippi and North Carolina, they stopped for gas in Alabama when they were in between their destinations. While they were parked at the gas station, a police officer spotted them and decided that the music coming from the Worsley’s car was too loud. He also seemed upset that Sean was playing “air guitar.”
Officer Carl Abramo of the Gordo Police Department told them to turn down the music and then asked if he could search the car. The Worsley’s consented to allow the officer to search the car, thinking that they had nothing to hide. However, Sean had his legally-prescribed marijuana in the car, so he and Eboni were both arrested because medical marijuana is not legal in Alabama.
According to an arrest report filed five days after the incident, Officer Abramo said that he “observed a Black male get out of the passenger side vehicle. They were pulled up at a pump and the Black male began playing air guitar, dancing, and shaking his head. He was laughing and joking around and looking at the driver while doing all this.”
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