Tuesday, July 28, 2020

this edition of protect and serve is especially frustrating and horrible;

Florence, AL — Allen Hanvey, 51 — who has never been in trouble with police before — was scheduled to have neck surgery on November 20, 2018. The night before surgery, he had one final errand to run before he would get some rest and he and his wife would leave in the morning for Birmingham. He would never make that surgery, however, because he experienced a medical emergency and abusive cops showed up to “help” him. He was having a stroke but police thought he was drunk.
Hanvey says the last thing he remembers that night was waking up surrounded cops. Tammy and Allen Hanvey — along with a team of Vanderbilt neurologists — say Allen suffered a stroke, causing him to slide off the road that night. The neurologists say he likely experienced a seizure as well.
Instead of getting the medical help he needed, however, newly released body camera footage shows police mocked at him, beat him, and treated him like an animal. Then they lied on the police report and claimed Hanvey tried to hurt them. The video shows that Hanvey was mostly unconscious the entire time.
“Tammy asked me what happened, and I said I have not one clue, but they hurt me, and they hurt me bad,” said Hanvey.
In police reports filed the night in question first responders alleged Hanvey was “possibly intoxicated” and “uncooperative and belligerent,” charging him with assaulting a police officer............read and watch more.......

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