Thursday, July 30, 2020

this writer will present evidence to back up the snip below, and i suspect you won't like the conclusions he presents. its the logical result of years of corruption and failure to focus on anything beyond wealth creation for the already wealthy and wars for the empire though you'll have to focus clearly to see my point;

Our entire system is in the process of melting down, but it will take some time for the drama that we are watching to fully play out.  Our leaders in Washington and the bureaucrats over at the Federal Reserve will keep flooding the system with money in a misguided attempt to fix things, and this will result in exceedingly painful inflation.
The cost of everything (including essentials such as food) will be going way up, and that means that your money will increasingly become less and less valuable.
If you could print your way to prosperity, Venezuela and Zimbabwe would be the wealthiest nations on the entire planet today.
At this point, almost everyone in Venezuela is a “millionaire”, but almost everyone is also living in extreme poverty.
History has shown that wildly printing money doesn’t work, but the U.S. is going down the exact same path, and it isn’t going to be more..........

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