Wednesday, July 29, 2020

i have no trust or belief in anything any politician has to say and go by their actions which just about always present the fact of their lies. the vr is presenting some of the dumocorps plans for your future here and they ain't lies;

The Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders forces got together and issued an 80 page draft of the Democrat 2020 platform. The following are some of their more insane ideas:
The DNC 2020 platform wants to take the New York Style No Cash Bail law and go nationwide. Within a year every city, suburb and small town can have a 279% increase in violent crime just like the streets of New York. A man was holding his 6 year-old daughter’s hand as he crossed the street. A car pulled up to the intersection and stopped. A black man in the passenger seat fired a revolver and killed the black man in the crosswalk. The 6 year-old girl fled in terror. Her life was changed forever that day because Democrat politicians in New York have ideas that do not conform to the real world the rest of us live in.
Leo Terrel is a 65 year-old civil rights attorney who is black and has never supported a Republican for President but has decided to publicly endorse and campaign for Donald Trump in 2020. Why? Because Democrats would destroy the cities where tens of millions of blacks, Latinos, Asians and poor whites live. Where will they go to flee the coming wave of violence if they do not have the millions of dollars required to move to the Hamptons to live with Democrat donors?
In Mayor De Blasio’s New York City shootings are up 277% over the same period last year. The Mayor thinks he and the Democrat Governor Cuomo have achieved something by having passed No Cash Bail which resulted in the lowest prison population since WW more...........

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