Thursday, January 30, 2020

we're told to always believe the cops but then there are so many stories like this one that come out;

Warren, OH — Just last week, TFTP reported on the fabricated story of how Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy Angel Reinosa was shot in the shoulder by a sniper as he walked from his patrol car into the station. A massive manhunt ensued as heavily armed deputies in military attire set up a perimeter and locked down the area but it would all be in vein. Reinosa was arrested last week because he made the entire thing up. Now, less than a week later, another cop in Ohio was arrested for doing the exact same thing. 
On January 13, approximately 50 officers from ten different departments combed a prominently black neighborhood looking for a non-existent suspect. This swarm of cops was reportedly detaining innocent people, pulling over others, and shaking up an entire community. All of this chaos and rights violations were because Warren Police Officer Noah Linnen falsely claimed he’d been involved in a shootout with a black man in a black SUV.
Linnen told investigators that he’d stopped a black man in an SUV who began shooting. He claimed the non-existent suspect was a tall, thin, black male. “He said the suspect was wearing a black hoodie with the hood up and had a gray t-shirt pulled up over the lower half of his face like a mask. He also described the suspect as having a high pitched voice and carried a silver revolver with a black handle,” WFMJ reports.
Naturally, after hearing a black man would dare shoot at one of their brothers in blue, the cops deployed in full force. Multiple innocent black men were subsequently detained for a significant amount of time—otherwise known as kidnapping.
This dragnet was rolled out by police and innocent people detained and kidnapped without a single shred of evidence presented by Linnen. Had an average citizen made a similar claim, rest assured that this would have been entered as a journal entry into a police notebook and may or may not have resulted in a patrol unit receiving it as an assignment. No dragnet would’ve happened and no lockdown.
Due to the massive police presence devoted to their brother in blue, however, this lying cop’s story began to unravel as evidence surfaced. The first evidence came in the form of surveillance cameras in the area. After launching a massive manhunt, police finally looked at the surveillance footage from nearby properties and never saw an SUV fitting Linnen’s description. So, the lying cop changed his story............

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