Monday, January 20, 2020

not wearing your seat-belt can get you shot unless you are sufficiently obsequious;

Lawrence, KS — In the land of the free, if a police officer sees you in your own car and you do not have your seat belt on, they will claim the right to detain and extort you. If you refuse to be extorted, they will then claim the right to kidnap and cage you. If you resist this kidnapping over a seat belt violation, you can and will be shot or killed. As the following case illustrates, that’s exactly what happened to Akira Lewis when he was targeted for extortion by police for not wearing a seat belt. Now, after the cop who shot him got away with it, he’s trying to sue her—but she’s disappeared.
Lewis filed an excessive force lawsuit against the officer who shot him, former Lawrence police officer Brindley Blood as well as the City of Lawrence, the other officer involved in the traffic stop and the police chief. However, according to Lawrence Journal-World, Blood is nowhere to be found.
Efforts by Lewis’ attorneys — including hiring a private investigator — have not succeeded in locating Blood so that she can be served the court summons, according to court filings.
Attorney Shaye Downing, who represents Lewis, filed an affidavit for service by publication Tuesday in the United States District Court of Kansas City, Kan. Downing states in the affidavit that she has tried unsuccessfully to serve Blood the petition and summons. She states that she has sought assistance from law enforcement, a process service company and a private investigator to locate Blood but has been unable to find out where she is currently living. The court will decide whether to approve serving Blood through newspaper publication............

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