Friday, January 31, 2020

georgia just fired thirty state police for cheating so let that sink in before reading about it;

Atlanta, GA — Dozens of cops in Georgia are tarnishing the badge once more after they were all fired this week. According to reports, 30 troopers with the Georgia State Patrol are now unemployed because they were found to have cheated on the test to become cops.
Hardly an “isolated incident,” Col. Mark McDonough, commissioner of the Department of Public Safety and head of GSP, said the entire class of students with the 106th trooper school is no longer after they cheated during an online test for speed detection in October of 2019.
Let that sink in. The entire class conspired to cheat on exams to become cops. Every single one of them was okay with fraudulently achieving their police status through conspiracy and cheating.
“It’s a punch in the gut,” McDonough told reporters Wednesday. “This goes to our very core values.”
According to the report, top DSP officials learned about the scandal from the girlfriend of one of the cadets, Demon Clark. The girlfriend told officials that she was the one who took the test for her cop boyfriend because he was apparently too ignorant to pass it. When officials asked Clark about the cheating, he was quick to rollover on his fellow brothers in blue, telling his superiors “he was not the only one who cheated, the whole class cheated.”
After snitching on fellow classmates, an investigation was launched and the true scope of the cheating scandal was discovered.......

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