Thursday, January 30, 2020

to discover who rules you you only need to discover who you aren't allowed to criticize;

President Trump signs a new executive order that makes criticism of Jews essentially illegal at all US schools. He is seen here signing the order at a Hanukkah reception at the White House. Look closely at the image. Your eyes aren’t deceiving you — standing in the Oval Office as Trump betrays the American people by signing this order, we see disgraced Jewish sex-parlor habituĂ© and billionaire Robert Kraft, and the even more unspeakable Alan Dershowitz, close associate of another Jewish billionaire, sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein — who abused hundreds if not thousands of White teen girls. Dershowitz was identified by one of the girls as actually participating in multiple rapes and abuse incidents. Dershowitz also arranged for Epstein to get a “sweetheart” deal with Washington, so his worst crimes would go unpunished.

Thanks to Trump, at US schools it’s now illegal to say that Jewish nationalism is ever “racist” or hateful — meanwhile the Jewish-run media scream “racist hater nazi” 24/7 at even the slightest and most mild expression of White nationalism. Read this controlled media article and look at what some foolishly called the “God Emperor” has just done. If you still believe Trump’s playing six-million-dimensional chess, you’re kidding yourself. Also make sure and read the picture caption to see who is “standing by” Trump in the Oval Office as he betrays us and his oath of office.

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