Friday, January 31, 2020

remember this every time you suspect government will take care of you;

“They’re not going to help me, are they? I think I’m going to die.”
Miami, OK — Terral Ellis, 26, had made a mistake. In 2015 he got a DUI and then missed his court date. It’s a mistake thousands of people make every week across the country but because of the horrifyingly corrupt and negligent jail staff in Oklahoma, this mistake would cost Ellis his life. Just 12 days after turning himself into the Ottawa County Jail for missing his court date, Ellis would die a slow and agonizing death—all of which was entirely preventable.
Ellis’ last hours alive were captured on the jail’s surveillance system and the resultant videos are nothing short of horrific. As he writhed in agony on the floor of his jail cell, officers mocked him and accused him of faking it. Even the jail’s nurse got in on the action and laughed at the “boy who cried wolf.”
“I’m sick and tired of f—ing dealing with your ass!” nurse Theresa Horn yelled. “Ain’t a damn thing nothing wrong with you!”
But there was something very wrong with Ellis and only a few hours later, this 26-year-old, with his entire life in front of him, would be dead. Although this incident unfolded in October of 2015, the gruesome surveillance footage was only just released. The multiple videos show how officers and other jail staff repeatedly ignored Ellis’ cries for help and even mocked him as he died a slow painful death. It also shows them ignoring the pleas from his cellmate and other inmates who could see the pain Ellis was in.
Sometime after turning himself in on October 10, 2015, Ellis would get pneumonia and eventually septic shock that would prove to be fatal because instead of receiving help, he was mocked and ignored.
“If you don’t have everything I have, this is just some kid who died in jail because he got sick,” said attorney Dan Smolen, referring to the detailed audio and video clips showing officers mocking a sick man until he turned blue and died. “I want people to understand this is happening, every day, all day long, in jails across the United States. I think it has just been captured [here] in a really awful way.”
Smolen specializes in lawsuits for in-custody deaths and has seen many “horrific jail death cases.” This one, however, he says was the worst.........

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