Monday, January 20, 2020

flir is discontinuing civilian sales. this is big on so many levels i'll have to leave it for you to grok them out;

According to an anonymous source that spoke to the BurstReview YouTube channel, FLIR will discontinue civilian sales of optics this Monday, January 20th.
According to BurstReview’s sources, FLIR’s board of directors and shareholders are anti-hunting and believe that only military and law enforcement should have access to thermal optics. This source also stated that FLIR allegedly laid off everyone in their civilian and hunting sales departments. 
The sources stated this was further supported by recent events surrounding Armasight. Allegedly following FLIR’s acquisition of Armasight, they laid off all hunting prostaff and instructed social media personnel to never show any kill shots going forward.
This is very interesting news, and could turn the market against FLIR. Especially given rising tensions between civilians and militarized police that are seen as overstepping their authority.
But this is all hearsay until the alleged reveal date of Monday the 20th. Be sure to stay tuned for the latest information on this and other stories coming out of SHOT Show 2020.
FLIR was contacted and given 48 hours to respond before the publication of this article. If we receive a response the article will be updated.........

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