Monday, January 27, 2020

in email conversation this am about trump and q, the following was presented by one who doubts the q presentations at least as much as i do. i thought it well said, and accurate enough, to post here;

I've been waiting and watching and so far nothing good has unfolded. Drumpf's first term is nearly over and the washington swamp is still brimming with evil. Yet still I remain hopeful for some benefit. But even if he were to change anything for the better, it would be undone by the next oval office opportunist. And that is true for any of them. So you see, the problem is not about what this president or that president will or will not do, it is the whole of the corporate government machine. It is a self supporting, self serving, cancerous creation of the super wealthy who are only in that position because they are clever, greedy, cunning, convincing and totally evil. No decent man or woman can take any position within government ranks and make the permanent and necessary changes to make government serve us and not the super wealthy. Don't expect it to change for our benefit or you will be disappointed. We cannot vote in any solutions.

Whether Drumpf's intentions are good or not is beside the point. His authority and ability to steer the ship of state is limited. It is the aggregate of politicians under the dictates of the rulers that control the course. The ship must be sunk. Short of that , it will be business as usual.

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