Sunday, January 19, 2020

here's a protect and serve variation we've seen frequently in which the victim of the police 'assistance' is having a medical emergency and so the cops beat the shit out of him;

St. Johns County, FL — At least three St. Johns County deputies have been placed on administrative leave after cell phone video surfaced of them savagely beating Christopher Butler. Predictably, police were quick to determine Butler was high on PCP but his lawyer says he was suffering from a diabetic event and was not able to follow police officer commands.
Butler was booked into the St. John’s County jail and is still being held on resisting arrest and felony assault on a police officer charges. His mother decried the way the men who were supposed to protect and serve her son treated him. Teri Morgenstern claimed: 
They beat him like he was nothing. Like he wasn’t a human being.
The incident began 12/29 with Butler being observed driving 15 mph on I-95, the interstate with minimum speeds set at 55mph. A Florida Highway Patrolman (FHP) made the stop but requested backup after he was unable to get Butler to exit the vehicle. A passerby then witnessed the beating and stopped to record. That Good Samaritan later passed his cell phone videos on to Ms. Morgenstern, Butler’s mother, who contacted the news media.
Butler’s mother noted:
They kneed Christopher in the face and punched him in the face inside the car…And our video shows once they had him on the ground they started kicking him in the face. They beat him so many times with the baton. They kept punching and my kid ended up at the hospital in critical care.
Butler’s lawyer claims the beating was the “worst he’s ever seen” and says it doesn’t matter whether or not his client was on drugs or not, no one deserves to be treated inhumanely. John Phillips, the family’s attorney, said his client did not deserve to be treated that way:........

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