Wednesday, January 15, 2020

some police actions are just so wrong they send a telegram of how things are here in the empire;

Raleigh, NC — A North Carolina judge released a series of disturbing videos last year showing the horrifying attack on a man who had done nothing but walk down the road. Kyron Dwain Hinton, 29, had harmed no one and committed no crime when he was surrounded by police, mauled by a K9, pistol whipped, kicked, punched, and stomped on—for nearly five minutes. Now, one of the key players in that attack has pleaded guilty and will likely get off with a wrist slap.
The assault charges against disgraced officer Michael Blake were dropped this week in exchange for a plea to two misdemeanor charges of willful failure to discharge his duty. It’s unclear at this time if Blake will spend any time in prison.........

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