If the power elites didn’t need the consent of the public to rule, they wouldn’t have to lie constantly about their reasons for war. What if its 1984 and you don't know it because you haven't recognized who big brother is yet.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

you might wonder, as i do, at the need for some of these federal agencies to be equipped as though they are an army when all they're supposed to do is work with 'consumers' who aren't given the same level of equipment or rights;

Democrats have threatened to attack the rights of law-abiding Americans that are protected under the Second Amendment in 2019A Republican President has already unconstitutionally banned bump stocks and supports the violation of the Second, Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the Constitution, as well as his duty and the boundaries of congressional legislation by way of Red Flag laws.  All of this is against the American citizenry.  However, the federal government has had absolutely no problem in creating an army of unconstitutional agencies who will one day be used against the populace and the latest report out of the US Government Accountability Office reveals that the feds have spent over $1.5 billion in the past 7 years to arm all sorts of federal agencies.
According to the December report titled , there are approximately 120,000 federal law enforcement officers (FLEO), who are in non-military agencies who carry firearms.  Among the agencies these FLEOs are in include the Department of Homeland Security, which is what the feds are supposed to be anyway, and the Department of Justice.  However, the arming of agents goes way beyond DHS and the DOJ.
Agencies such as the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), US Department of Agriculture, US Department of the Interior, US Department of the Treasury, US Department of Veterans Administration, and the Social Security Administration are also well armed..........https://freedomoutpost.com/gao-report-feds-spent-over-1-5-billion-to-arm-itself-in-the-past-7-years-seeks-to-infringe-on-you-arming-yourself/

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