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Friday, January 4, 2019

the part i've pasted here below comes towards the end of this article that focuses mostly on stocks and money policies but is, in my mind, the most important part of the whole presentation;

Meanwhile, the ecological world continues to hurtle towards complete disaster.  This next piece of news is one we’ve covered before, but it’s once again in the headlines with some new, rather dire findings:
Building blocks of ocean food web in rapid decline as plankton productivity plunges
Dec 22, 2018
They're teeny, tiny plants and organisms but their impact on ocean life is huge.​
Phytoplankton and zooplankton that live near the surface are the base of the ocean's food system. Everything from small fish, big fish, whales and seabirds depend on their productivity.
"They actually determine what's going to happen, how much energy is going to be available for the rest of the food chain," explained Pierre Pepin, a senior researcher with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans in St. John's.
"Based on the measurements that we've been taking in this region, we've seen pretty close to 50 per cent decline in the overall biomass of zooplankton," said Pepin. "So that's pretty dramatic."
Scientists say local testing reveals half the amount of plankton in a square metre of water today. It's not just a problem here, declining plankton numbers are a global phenomenon.
What scientists have been recording is an enormous drop in the very bottom of the entire food pyramid in the oceans of the world.  I cannot state this strongly enough; this is frightening and deserves our very highest and collective attention.  I cannot think of news much more alarming than a pronounced and continuing loss of oceanic plankton.
One does not simply wipe out the bottom of the oceanic food chain without consequences!
First they came for the insects, but I didn't realize that they were important because I hate mosquitoes and didn't really pay attention during biology.
Then they came for the phytoplankton and zooplankton, and, well, same reasons.
Then they came for all the fish in the ocean, but I switched to chicken, so no big deal, right?
Then they came for my oxygen and then it was too late...
On my recent trip to Costa Rica I leaned that even there, where it sounded vibrant and alive to me, that the insects have also begun to mysteriously and quietly disappear, mirroring the hyper-alarming decline in insects noted elsewhere across the world.
What’s going on?
Nobody really knows and I doubt anybody will ever be able to say for sure.  The natural world is a complex system with a seemingly infinite number of feedback loops in play.
But one thing we could immediately do is realize that whatever it is that we’ve been doing over the past 25 years that’s new should be stopped right away.
Any pesticides or new chemicals being used should be withdrawn from the market immediately.  That would be a sane and healthy response.
Instead the entire political and economic structure of the world is hyperventilating about creating more growth, getting stock prices to go back up, and generally acting as if human developed economic and monetary abstractions were themselves more important than anything else including reality.
So even if the central banks fold and “win the battle” by getting stocks and bonds to resume their march higher, they will assure that we “lose the war” by distracting the center mass of humanity with dreams of riches that will serve to deflect attention from the many predicaments that we face.......http://www.silverbearcafe.com/private/01.19/theend.html

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