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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

here you can discover how the rule of law is working out for regular wage earners when confronted with legal assaults and evidence isn't even considered;

Wichita, KS – In December of 2017, police responded to a prank call, also known as a “swatting,” at the home of Andrew Finch. When the entirely innocent and unarmed father answered the door during the raid, Officer Justin Rapp was recorded on video killing him in cold blood. After the coverage died down in the press, and as TFTP accurately predicted in
January, the Wichita District Attorney quietly announced that there will be no charges. Now, we are learning that this decision was made in spite of the fact that the DA reportedly never even interviewed Rapp.
“It’s one year later and the leadership of Wichita and the WPD have failed to take any responsibility for the unjustified, unconstitutional and tragic death of Andy Finch,” Attorney Andrew Stroth wrote in a statement. “Two young children no longer have their father because of a pattern, practice and history of excessive force utilized by the Wichita Police and the unreasonable actions of Officer Justin Rapp.”
According to Kansascity.com, in April, District Attorney Marc Bennett said he had to make a determination based on Kansas law and law handed down by the Supreme Court, which says that when determining if an officer acted reasonably, evidence has to be reviewed based on what the officer knew at the time of the shooting, not 20/20 hindsight, he said.
The DA’s office also stated that they kept the officer’s name a secret because he will not be charged. However, it would later be learned that the officer who killed this unarmed father of two was Jason Rapp.........https://thefreethoughtproject.com/report-da-never-interviewed-cop-before-justifying-murder-of-innocent-dad-in-raid-on-wrong-home/

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