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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

here, once again, is evidence that there are two sets of laws in the world when dealing with zionists and their cohorts;

Inter-galactically famous Jewish journalist Giles Coren has been caught posting anti-Semitic tweets under a fake account. His goal was to discredit his opponents in various online quarrels he was engaged in by implying they were motivated by antisemitism rather than a principled objection to his own outrageous behaviour.
The Jew gave the game away by adopting the name of a character in one of his novels for the sock account.
He also failed to maintain any kind of political consistency in the account’s tweets. On one occasion, it would pretend to be a rabid right-wing extremist; on another, a pro-feminist leftie.
He also made the mistake of having his famous media Jew mates follow the sock account on Twitter.
When pressed, Coren admitted to the deception.
This Jew previously gloated when David Irving was sent to prison.
He has also made  himself notorious for various kinds of insulting remarks he has made about Poles over the years, including the pithy “Fuck the Poles”.........http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=181449

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