Friday, December 24, 2021

 along with opinions the video rebel always provides lots of accompanying links full of good to know information and here's the latest;

This does not seem to be the time of year for new material. I might publish something about predictions for 2022 at New Years. So far I am convinced that we will have a stock market decline. Stagflation will get worse as real GDP declines. Shadow Stats inflation rate is just under 15%. Food prices will be a shock next year. Might not see Nationwide Food Riots in 2022 but I can guarantee they are coming. Booster shots and all those kiddie shots will take their toll on Biden’s support. For some strange reason the Democrats have become the party of billionaires. In the race for Congress Republicans are two points ahead amongst Hispanics.

The only groups where Democrats lead are Blacks and Jews. Biden’s 3 children all married Jews. He has 28 Jews in his cabinet. A Black reporter said that Black voters are getting angry because Democrats don’t listen to them. Democrats only listen to donors. If Black voters stay home, then the Democrats could lose even more than 40 to 60 seats in the Congress. George Soros, who is a Jewish billionaire, bought District Attorneys across America. Those DAs gave American cities the highest crime rate in recent years. Crime should be going down with an aging population.

By now everyone knows I believe covid was made in a lab in the US that the covid vaxxes are bioweapons and that the Bankers want to release a third bioweapon with a much higher death rate. MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) is a possible candidate. They will have to wait to release it until  sufficient numbers have taken Boosters which zero out their immune systems. This would raise the expected death rate well beyond 35% which British scientists made for a weaponized and explore more....

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