Friday, December 31, 2021

 the author of this covid list of revelations surely will be cancelled by whoever it is that does such crap. this essay shows clearly the lies so that even ray charles  could see it all clearly;

In a recent Op-Ed, I had outlined the causes and ramifications of a looming supply chain crisis. Shortfalls in fundamental goods and services, however, are just the surface symptoms of a silent, protracted war against human merit.

Throughout history, the most universal and indispensable asset has been human resource. Civilizations were built on human ingenuity. Yet, despite the 21st century hoopla over smart cities, smart workers and smart futures of every kind, it is ironic that talent shortages persist in nearly every critical sector. In the United States alone, labour productivity recently hit a 40-year low even as unemployment claims dropped. How does one explain this anomaly? Perhaps, the “no jabs no jobs” mandate has crushed worker morale?

The global labour crisis was brewing for decades and yet nothing was done to address this problem. According to a Korn Ferry study in 2018, global talent shortages were expected to cost $8.452 trillion in lost financial revenue by 2030. The Wuhan outbreak of 2019 will have added yet-unquantifiable exponentials to this figure.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) nonetheless remains optimistic. WEF founder Klaus Schwab sees an opportunity here to “revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.” He is of course referring to a totalitarian solution called the Great Reset. The roadmap to this reset has never been satisfactorily explained.  We are only given reductionist soundbytes and glossy visual clips which scrupulous avoid some troubling questions: How is the Great Reset going to be achieved? What are the phases, action plans and milestones leading up to 2030? Is the reset predicated on the erosion of national sovereignty? Can the post-reset world accommodate eight billion plus humans by 2030?

To deflect these niggling questions, the WEF and its ilk have been distracting the public with a daily barrage of alleged existential crises. Unsurprisingly, experts who understood these possible dangers, and who could have played a role in mitigating them, have been systematically locked out from relevant platforms – both at the national and international levels. In their stead, the globalist elite triumphantly promoted the dross of the earth in the name of “inclusivity”, “diversity”, “equality” and “open societies”.  The bovine marionettes in charge of our societies today do not possess the intelligence, spunk or moral fibre to question the slew of contradictions, human rights consequences and critical gaps evident in the Great Reset more.......

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