Monday, December 27, 2021

 its a curious thing to watch the great masses go mad in and as a group because the tv told them to, but there are some places in which this doesn't exist, like florida, sweden, belorus and a few african countries;

I live in a state where COVID does NOT exists. People are so happy here living their lives. No vaccine passports, no mandates. They say Florida’s numbers are sky high but they’re just saying that to scare the rest of the world so they don’t become like florida, free from the bullshit.

The media is the conspiracy here. They say hospitals in Florida are over crowding and people are getting sick everywhere blah blah blah. All lies. I have friends that are nurses and doctors and the hospitals are empty here. People aren’t dropping dead. People here are living their lives like Covid dosnt exists here and it’s so beautiful and liberating .............

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