Friday, December 31, 2021

 kunstler does his year end review and upcoming attractions: dumpster fire is the short of it and while much longer than his usual i'd say there's lots to contemplate here;

If 2021 was the year of maximum corruption, political decadence, and mind-fuckery in US history, 2022 is looking like a convulsive snap-back to the harrowing rigors of reality, spiked with shocking losses, reckonings, and not a little retribution for the rogues and reprobates who drove our country into a ditch. Quandaries abound now in the wreckage of economy, culture, and polity. The years of anything-goes-and-nothing-matters have ended — though you might not know it yet, at this very advent of Twenty-Double-Deuce. Welcome to the banquet of consequences. Soup’s on!

The American people have been played backwards and forwards, inside and out, through and through, and up and down; driven to the very edge of national suicide by a combine of enemies within and without. If China’s CCP wanted to take maximum advantage of a weakened, confused USA, they couldn’t have found more zealous help-mates than the seditious Democratic Party, along with Dr. Anthony Fauci’s treasonous public health empire, the murderous pharmaceutical companies, the recklessly dishonest news media, and a demonic host of federal agencies, especially the three-stooge “Intel Community” — the CIA (Moe), DOJ (Larry), FBI (Curley) — plus the many secret horror chambers in the Pentagon. Throw in the Big Tech tyrants, the Marxist mandarins on campus, and the satanic narcissists of Hollywood. Oh, and let’s not forget the evil principality of grift and swindling that is Wall Street.

We still don’t know exactly what role the CCP and its Peoples’ Liberation Army played in the origins of Covid-19, and we don’t know because the US government doesn’t want us to know — because they had a role in it — and the news media won’t lift a finger to find out, either, because they are the propaganda arm of the regime in power. We do know an awful lot about the operations of Dr. Fauci and his colleagues in funding the development of the virus in Wuhan for the purpose of introducing a wildly profitable set of “vaccines” which, if anything, prolonged and exacerbated the pandemic, and harmed or killed millions all over the more.......

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  1. the CCP didn't play any role in the origins of Covid-19. viruses aren't real. they're a 150 year old scam based on pasteurs (mis)understanding - probably intentional - of antoine bechamps early work. bechamps later work on microzymas, still suppressed, will put a final stake through the heart of their moronic fake virus dogma when critical mass is reached in terms of the number of people familiar with it. san diego's Royal Rife & Dr Gaston Naessens of Canada both built very unusual microscopes of their own design that prove bechamps microzyma theory is correct.

    but designing their mass-poisoning system around fake viruses is only part of the horror that is modern allopathic medicine. they've suppressed Rife's cancer cures for 100+ years & Dr Hamers revolutionary understanding that cancer is trying to help us since the 1990s. & then there's the question of whether the heart is a pump at all. it doesn't seem to be.

    the whole system is evil. when (or at least if) everyone finds out it's gonna be like nothing this world has ever seen. not even in our wildest stories is there anything like revelations of this nature

    have a nice day dudley