Thursday, December 23, 2021

 your tv will not show you a bit of this point of view and just continue to scream about russians. here is some alternative on the wars your tv wants you to support;

For me what was especially interesting was that Putin echoed my own language from a few days ago, where I argued that “there isn’t another step back the Russians can take.” Putin put it as “we simply have nowhere further to retreat to” and again as “we simply have no room to retreat.”

It’s not a matter of Russia issuing diktats. It’s a matter of Russia that can no longer compromise because there is nothing left that can be compromised on. Now the Russian back is to the wall.

We already see that some of our detractors are interpreting them as Russia’s ultimatum. Is it an ultimatum or not? Of course, not.

[w]hat they are doing, or trying or planning to do in Ukraine, is not happening thousands of kilometres away from our national border. It is on the doorstep of our house. They must understand that we simply have nowhere further to retreat to.

Do they really think we do not see these threats? Or do they think that we will just stand idly watching threats to Russia emerge? This is the problem: we simply have no room to retreat. That is the and watch more...........

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