Wednesday, December 22, 2021

 pcr is clear and direct on this presentation about where the covid it taking us;

Revanchist Nazism Throughout the Western World

Paul Craig Roberts

We are witnessing the return of Nazism, but this time throughout the entire Western World. Austria, Germany, and Italy have eliminated civil liberties more thoroughly than Hitler and Mussolini achieved. Re-nazified Germany, Austria and Italy have destroyed the doctor-patient relationship more completely than did Josef Mengele. The political leaders of resurrected Nazism are all guilty of crimes under the Nuremberg Laws.

Will the US, UK, France, and Russia again invade these Nazi countries and execute the leaders for their capital crimes? No. The US, UK, France, and Russia are doing the same thing, as are Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Australia has concentration camps, not for Japanese prisoners of war but for Australian citizens suspected of having had contact with a someone infected with Covid. Everywhere in the “free” Western world, executive branch officials have shown disregard for constitutional processes by asserting legislative powers and issuing laws in the form of mandates. Parliaments and Congresses have shown their own disregard for democratic political systems by accepting the confiscation of their powers and the incorporation of the legislative function into the executive branch as happened in Rome under the Caesars.

In the United States little nazis have popped up everywhere. Corporate employers, school boards, university administrators, sports team owners, hospital administrators, mayors, and governors have revealed themselves as incipient Fuhrers issuing illegal orders: Be injected, you and your young children, with a substance that has proved itself not to protect you or anyone else against Covid or any of its variants, but is known to carry a high risk of serious injury and death, or you are fired and your career is at an end. In re-nazified Germany/Austria people are threatened with prison if they refuse to play Russian Roulette with their health. Has any previous government in history been this tyrannical? The West has achieved the supreme tyranny–your health is not up to you and your doctor. Your health is controlled by a protocol handed down by a captured regulatory agency serving only the profits of Big more...........

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