Wednesday, December 30, 2020

 the videorebel is speaking in this essay about money troubles many of us have been anticipating for some time, and more;

Why am I so confident about spiking prices for cryptocurrencies, silver and gold? Because The US M1 Money Supply rose from $3.963 trillion on December 30, 2019 to  $6.742 trillion on December 28, 2020.  That is a growth of $2.782 trillion in a year. That is an M1  Money Supply growth rate of 70.1% per year. M1 Money Supply is defined as cash, coins, checking account, NOW accounts and Traveler’s checks.

Investors have decided to realize profits and pay taxes under the Donald Trump regulations and tax rates. Those asset sales have ballooned the M1 Money Supply. So what happens in January? Even if the Congress revolts and elects Trump to a second term on January 6th, I doubt that investors will pile $2.7 trillion into the stock market. I found this little tidbit on the Internet: “The current S&P500 10-year Price/Earnings Ratio is 33.89. This is 72% above the modern-era market average of 19.6, putting the current P/E over 1 standard deviation above the modern-era average.”

There is one other growth market and that is real estate in areas where urban dwellers are fleeing to from covid lockdowns and high taxes in Big Cities and white liberal governors. In particular lots of people have been buying property in rural areas in preparation for societal collapse and possible Civil War.

Spiking prices for silver and gold and mining shares will stampede Central Bankers to diversify out of US Dollars in their reserve accounts to gold. Central Bankers will have to calculate how many hundreds of billions in reserves are they willing to lose by holding Dollars. The conversion of Central Bank assets form Dollar to Gold Reserves will spike prices even and watch more....

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