Wednesday, December 30, 2020

 this incident seems to make the cops case clear: they can do as they wish, when they wish and how they feel like doing;

Jacksonville, FL — As frequent readers of the Free thought Project know, police officers will use almost any reason to justify the escalation of force and subsequent arrest. TFTP has reported on savage violence dished out by law enforcement in case after case of “contempt of cop” otherwise known as damaging a cop’s ego.

An innocent woman in Jacksonville learned about contempt of cop the hard way recently, after having her teeth knocked out by police after asking them to not park in her yard.

Earlier this year, Brittany Crishawn Williams called 911 asking for assistance after an officer parked in her driveway for a nearby police matter and wouldn’t leave.

In Williams’s eyes, the officer was trespassing, so she called 911 for help. In the eyes of the cops, however, Williams insulted their egos and so she deserved to be beaten and arrested.

To be clear, the officer was no longer working a case, he was done and simply using Williams’ yard to send emails. As reports:

Williams, a 29-year-old graduate of the Paxon School for Advanced Studies and the University of Central Florida, walked out of her house and asked the officer if she could help him.

He said he was going to check emails and then leave shortly, according to the arrest report. The report said she then asked him to leave her property. He again said he was going to finish up his work there and watch more...

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