Friday, December 25, 2020

 no need to speak of what everyone knows about our situation, but look to what 'our' government is doing for israel while we are starving and homeless;

The US Congress has passed an enormous $2.3 trillion spending bill containing a Covid-19 relief package to individuals and businesses as well as funds allocated for other areas of government spending in 2021, including foreign aid in the billions to Israel.

Late on Monday, social media posts stating that Israel was receiving coronavirus stimulus money sparked outrage, especially since average Americans will only be getting a modest sum of $600.

In reality, while assistance to Israel is included in the legislation, it's part of the so-called omnibus spending bill, which covers Pentagon funds; it is not Covid-19 related.

Still, the bill bestows a slew of political and financial gifts on Israel at a time of increased domestic and international scrutiny over Israel's human rights more......

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