Thursday, December 31, 2020

 i must begin this post with the usual disclaimer. i don't like the orange man, and the prospect of president harris looms even worse, but then again as i always say, i've not had a president since the cia killed jfk. that all being said, this latest 'selection' was fully corrupt and this article will provide some evidence of that;

This morning, during the GA Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Elections hearing, Coffee County GOP Chair Cathy Latham dropped one bombshell after another. Latham began her testimony by explaining multiple issues they allegedly had with their Dominion ballot scanners in the June primary, saying, “From the get-go, we had nothing but problems.” She explained, “The scanners were messed up completely, as we were scanning—constantly having to be cleaned—they wouldn’t scan—finally, halfway through—even just trying to scan one at a time, we had all kinds of problems. We sent a city cop to a county a couple of hours away to go get an emergency scanner in the middle of the night—lights blaring—brought it back and finished the next day with a borrowed scanner.” Latham explained that she was involved with a couple of Zoom calls with Georgia’s Secretary of State, where they discussed the upcoming November 2020 election; she expressed her concern over the faulty scanners. She was told that she would get a new scanner for DeKalb County and that Georgia’s Voting Systems Manager Gabriel Sterling would ensure that her issues were addressed. DeKalb County was never given a new scanner, as promised by Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad and watch more.......

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