Wednesday, December 23, 2020

 more pcr with his description this time centered on 'elections' and the direction the empire is working to take us in, but i suspect you may not approve;

Our Country Has Been Stolen and Republicans Did Not Prevent the Theft

Paul Craig Roberts

Other than President Trump, no one cares enough about America to protect it.  So why are we spending $1,000 billion annually to defend ourselves from alleged foreign threats when there is no defense against our country’s theft by the ruling Establishment and woke Democrat identity politics ideologues?  Why vote Republican when the party does not defend us?

The journalist Katerina Blinova writing in Sputnik International captured the meaning of the stolen presidential election.  Democrats are turning America into a “one-party system” —–turn-us-political-landscape-into-one-party-system/ .

If the Democrats succeed in stealing the Georgia senatorial seats as well, which is likely given the absence of protection against electoral fraud, they will rapidly move to consolidate one-party dictatorship.

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