Tuesday, December 29, 2020

found this on redditt as a comment and think its spot on in speaking of who is really in charge. the ufo and reptiles are things around the edges i pay no attention to, as who can know that but the first sentence is spot on;

 Trump or Biden - It doesn't matter. JP Morgans, Rothchilds and Goldman Sachs are your true rulers

If you haven't figured out that Left Wing/Right Wing is a sham, and that your true rulers are Global Banking Dynasties, then you need professional help.

Your notions of "freedom" are cute. You're about to find out very soon that you are a slave. Your global overlords have decided that the jig is up and they are now going to turn you into vaccinated, sterilized cyborgs - This is Transhumanism.....And there's nothing you can do about it.

There are no Aliens. There are no Reptilians. There are no UFOs. There are no spirits or demons. The rulers of the world are Occult holders of "mystery religion" and enlightenment "illumination" - Knowledge is power. This is the "Satan" that they worship. Satan is Lucifer. Lucifer is the "Light Bringer" i.e. Illumination. Our Global Rulers worship "Illumination" - Knowledge. It's the only way to control people. You have to keep the true nature of reality hidden.

"Look, a UFO" - Bill Gates
The secrets to power are quite simple. Keep your subjects dumb and confused. Build a bubble for them. Keep them in a matrix of Left Wing/Right Wing. A bubble of Heaven and Hell.

We live in a world of lies....by design. Designed to make your head spin. A spinning head is an infinitely controllable head.

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