Wednesday, November 25, 2020

 if you've been here before you'll recognize caitlin's essays which aren't anything like what you'd find on 'our free press' as she points out hypocrisies, common to the empire;

Hi welcome to the timeline where people call you a crazy radical extremist for saying your government should stop committing acts of mass murder.

When they say a withdrawal from Afghanistan should be contingent on certain conditions being met, the “conditions” they really mean are puppet regimes in Beijing, Moscow and Tehran.

Think of the mental contortions you’d have to do in order to see a 19-year military occupation as normal and attempts to end it as abnormal. Now look how many people in the political/media class have done those mental contortions. That’s the power of imperial narrative control.

Western propaganda works to decouple imperialism-targeted nations and people from their governments. It’s not Syria’s government, it’s “the Assad regime” with the Syrian people held as separate. It’s not China’s government, it’s “the CCP” with the Chinese people held as separate. They always work to spin governments the empire doesn’t like as these hostile, alien invaders of a nation which has nothing to do with them. They point at it like it’s an ugly growth. “Uh-oh, what’s that MADURO REGIME doing in Venezuela?? We can lance that for you.”

And of course the self-described “anarchists” who suck at thinking always fall for it, because they regard all governments as illegitimate. So they wind up clapping along with CIA/CNN narratives, cheering for the downfall of a government in unwitting service of a much bigger more......

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