Sunday, November 29, 2020

here is one more essay speaking quickly about what we're experiencing;

I only discovered it recently but it seems that last May the U.N. placed an open call for 100,000 of what they call volunteer digital-first responders to counter misinformation on social media platforms. These will apply a new digital ‘rules of the road’ for people sharing content. The new message, straight from Big Brother himself, is “Pause: Take care before you share.”

‘We are in a moment of global reckoning with the pandemic sweeping across the globe, worldwide protests for racial justice and the climate emergency. Misinformation, hate speech and fake news is fueling and distorting all of these challenges. It acts as a virus. It exploits our weaknesses. Our biases. Our prejudices. Our emotions. Often we share on impulse. Before verifying content. Before letting the endorphins subside. The hope of the UN is to create a global moment that will encourage us all to fight misinformation around COVID-19 by pausing before we share content and stories with our loved ones, friends and colleagues.’

So what counts as misinformation? That masks work? Or that they don’t work? We’ve been given both ‘facts’ by our overlords. We got similar contradictory evidence about ventilators and indeed lockdowns. And how will the new fact-checkers evaluate the fantasy predictions of medico-huckster Neil Ferguson? The good news for the UN is that I can help with this project. And my recipe is simple: Anything that comes from official sources, appears on the MSM or survives the social media Thought Police is untrue. But somehow I don’t think they’ll act on my suggestion.

It might surprise you when I say that I’m reassured by this initiative. Because it suggests the Luciferian NWO globalists are not confident of their lies taking hold, despite their virtual monopoly on information dissemination. Why else would they seek to roll out these digital re-education camps?

My friends we are rapidly approaching The Denouement. We are living through the Biblical Great Tribulation. The signs are everywhere. If you’re like me you’ll try, in a spirit of great humility, to reconnect with God and join in the fight against the forces of evil. Because that is truly what they represent.......

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