Monday, November 30, 2020

it would appear that the joos are worked up about one more thing that seems to be after them though they never seem to ask why they've become a target. when i say joos i'm not going after all said people as many of my friends are and have been said folk. i'm after the ones of the sort who took the lands and lives of the palestinians who perpetuate these 'inflammations'; 

Despite the fact that Amazon’s AI Alexa robot has been shown to promote the agenda of the Radical Left, otherwise Liberal Jews are now up in arms that this otherwise compliant and politically-correct “useful idiot” has a firm grasp of the obvious — that Jews do indeed control the world financial markets and mainstream media:

The vice-chairman of Conservative Friends of Israel has written to the Home Secretary raising the alarm at claims the Amazon’s robot assistant Alexa is repeating quotes from antisemitic conspiracy theory websites.

In his letter to Priti Patel, the MP Andrew Percy writes that to the question “Do the Jews control the media?” Alexa answers, “Here’s something I found from the article Jew Watch on Wikipedia.  Jew Watch claims that Jews control the world’s financial systems and media.”

He also points out that in response to the question, “Do the Elders of Zion control the world?” Alexa quotes from an article that outlines “viciously antisemitic” theories regarding the forged documents.

The letter includes further examples of Alexa’s responses to questions such as “Was the Holocaust a hoax?” and “Is Israel guilty of war crimes?”.

Mr Percy states: “I was deeply alarmed to learn recently that the cloud-based Amazon ‘Alexa’ voice service responds to various questions about Jewish people, the Holocaust and the State of Israel by quoting antisemitic conspiracy websites and using selective quotes from others sources which are misleading without further more........

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