Thursday, November 26, 2020

 mr peters makes several good points in this essay from where i sit so read and consider should you choose;

It is not improbable that, within a year or so, new cars will be “mandated” – the new term for do as you’re told, per Dr. Fauci – to come equipped with Advanced Diaper Assist Technology.

It will “assist” you . . . in the manner of an armed government worker – and in the furtherance of the same object: The wearing of the Face Diaper, also known as the Holy Rag by heretics who doubt the medical efficacy of forcing the healthy to wear a rag over their faces to prevent transmitting a sickness they do not have.Perhaps the car will not start if it sees your face. Subaru’s EyeSight system – already in many new Subaru vehicles – could easily do just that and may do just that once Dr. Fauci, who is our new Medical Overlord, “mandates” ADA.

We are, after all, already “mandated” to wear a seat belt – a seemingly innocuous thing to people who don’t understand that precedent becomes practice and who only see discrete/isolated “good things” and not the other things that will be “mandated” on the basis of the first thing mandated having been more.......

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