Monday, November 23, 2020

i begin with my usual disclaimer that i have had no president since the cia killed jfk and then provide this essay that adds up quickly if you don't block it;

 Sure, the Democrats, the Deep State, the Military Industrial Complex, the Deep State-Military-Industrial-Media Complex, the Powers that Be, or whatever term you prefer, would never stoop so low as to steal an election. We all know that.

But sure, they would sic the FBI and CIA on an opposition presidential candidate as they did in 2016.

And sure, they would file false FISA applications as they did in 2016 and 2017—a total of four times.

And sure, the FBI agents in charge of investigations would casually talk about keeping Trump out of office and having an insurance policy for such in their texts to one another in 2016.

And sure, they would pressure the Electors to change their votes from the winning candidate to theirs.

And sure, they would entrap president-elect Donald Trump’s choice for National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn.

And sure, in 2016, they—specifically the Clinton campaign, and the DNC–would pay for a phony dossier with the payment channeled (to make it difficult to identify the payers) through the Perkins Coie International Law Firm to Brit Christopher Steele, who in turn hired some Russian operatives to provide him with phony information with which to harass the new president in 2017.

And sure, Hillary Clinton would arrange that dossier in order to provide cover for her having illegally deleted 30,000+ subpoenaed emails.

And sure, they, in this case Jim Comey, would then inform the new president of this salacious dossier and then report to the head of the CIA, John Brennan, “mission accomplished” who in turn would call CNN with the news, so the dossier could now be in the news.

And sure, Director Brennan, would testify under a closed hearing to the House Intelligence Committee that no, he had no hard evidence against Donald Trump, while publicly claiming for his new employer, and CNN’s audience, that yes, he did have hard evidence against him.

And sure, the Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam Schiff, repeatedly—for months, and months— stated that he had hard evidence proving Trump colluded with the Russians but never did produce such evidence.

And sure, they would appoint a special counsel to then investigate—for 23 months and at a cost of $32 million—the new president with the intent of removal from office and possible criminal charges.

And sure, they would prosecute, despite the Justice Department dropping the charges some years earlier, Paul Manafort—Trump’s campaign manager—but not Manafort’s business partner, Democrat-connected Tony Podesta.

And sure, they would place poll watchers at a ridiculous distance from what they were supposed to be, you know, watching.

And sure, they would block the view of interested citizens by placing large cardboard pieces on the windows of those same poll sites.

And sure, they would publicly make a reference, hint, hint, of an election official’s place of residence for doxing purposes and the name of the school that her children attend so that thugs could harass them to get the official to change her vote on certifying the election in Wayne County, Michigan.

But, no, they would never, never stoop so low as to steal a presidential election. Perish the thought!....

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