Tuesday, November 24, 2020

 videorebel presents here a concept of what our future may look like under the right circumstances, though perhaps not the best ones;

Mrs Jones: Hello. You are Edward A Robinson. Have a seat. We can talk confidentially Mr Robinson. I have your details on a CD the New Government sent me. I am your adviser here at the bank. You were released from state prison on a federal amnesty for non-violent drug offenders. You are here to make arrangements for your share of the federal debt cancellation program. As you know, all federal, state and local government debts have been abolished. Every adult citizen who is not in custodial care will receive a $25,000 credit to be used against all existing debts and outstanding utility bills. You were released this morning so you will be receiving that credit into your account as soon as we have created cooperative trusts to receive it. You are 23 years-old so you should be grateful you never will go onto Social Security. We have something far better for you.

I only have a little bit more to explain and you can ask questions in a minute. What we are doing is not inflationary. The idea of giving everyone a $25,000 credit write down instead of giving Bailouts to Wall Street bankers was originated by Dr Steve Keen of Australia. But the coup leaders invaded a lot of offshore tax havens and took more than 40 trillion dollars in assets from the bankers as part of a restitution program. They also took tens of trillions of dollars from government agencies that were hiding the money from taxpayers. Your share is $25,000. You have no debts. No credit cards and mortgages in prison. Anyway, can you sign this paper here? It is a zero interest 90 day loan. If you sign, I will give you a slip of paper that authorizes the teller to give you $300 cash right now. It will be paid off when you receive your credit in a month or so. Now do you have any questions?

Eddie: People call me Eddie. My father named me for Eddie Robinson the famous football coach at Grambling College. They told us at orientation when they released us that the bank would counsel with us about jobs and bills........read more........

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