Monday, November 23, 2020

 here is the 'rest of the story' behind the video posted recently in which people inside a building vocally forced deputies and a health worker to leave the premises they intruded upon;

It was wonderful to view this video today of gym owner Robby Dinero and about 100 Buffalo area business owners who were having a private meeting at Dinero’s Athlete’s Unleashed on the evening of November 20, 2020 to discuss what they can do to continue earning a living while under the jackboot of JWO Globalist/psychopath Commissar Andrew Cuomo, of the Communist state of New York. While conducting their meeting, uninvited Erie County Sheriff deputies and an Erie County Health Department worker enter the premises (based on an ‘anonymous‘ complaint the Health Dept. worker admitted) and start throwing around their weight citing the ‘rules’ established by Commissar Cuomo, Erie County Executive, Mark Polencarz, and Health Department Director, Dr Gail Burstein in order to ‘help protect’ the health of the people attending the meeting. The first words spoken to the Sheriff deputies and the Health Department worker were :“You’re on private property, you need to Leave.”

It went only uphill from and watch more........

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