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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

this is a funny and at the same time sad piece with a short video running along with the words as evidence. it seems you can be arrested for selling flowers to undercover cops so go along for the ride and fun;

Troy, OH — It is a sad fact that in many states — in the land of the free — police still use taxpayer resources to hunt down, kidnap, and even kill people for attempting to sell a plant to willing customers that has never killed anyone, ever. Illustrating the insanity of the drug war, cops in Troy, Ohio, who appear to be addicted to waging a war on this plant, recently spent taxpayer dollars to bust a man they thought was selling weed, but who actually sold them flowers because he knew the cop was undercover.  
A video was uploaded to YouTube recently which was taken by a man who knew he was being set up. In the video, a man in a red hoodie is waiting in the parking lot of a park in an apparent attempt to buy some marijuana.
The unidentified man who took the video knows the man in the red hoodie is likely a cop and so he’s brought a bag of entirely legal flower buds in and makes the epic decision to film the interaction.
From the start, the officer in the hoodie looks suspect. He keeps asking to see the marijuana and acts as if he is in dire need of it, as if he’s addicted.
“I just really need some f**kin’ bud,” the alleged undercover officer says as if he’s buying heroin. “Alright, give it here.”
The alleged officer then buys a bag which he clearly has no idea of what’s in it. This was a dead giveaway that he was undercover, so the man filming asks him.
“You’re an undercover cop aren’t you?”
Hilariously, the alleged officer slips up and says ‘yes’ before denying it.
“Yeah…No,” the officer says...........https://fromthetrenchesworldreport.com/man-owns-undercover-cop-trying-to-bust-him-for-weed-sells-him-flowers-instead-of-pot/238711

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