Wednesday, December 18, 2019

hornberger speaks the unspeakable. 'our' government isn't what you believe it to be but what you really should fear and work to totally remake;

t is supremely ironic that the United States has the most powerful government in history and, at the same time, the most frightened people in the world.
Many Americans are scared of everything. Russia. Iran. China. North Korea. Muslims. Saddam Hussein. Osama bin Laden. Al Qaeda. The terrorists. The drug dealers. The illegal immigrants. The communists. ISIS. Syria. Such Americans are convinced that every scary creature in the world is coming to get them.
Sadly, that is how we have lost our liberties in the country. Frightened over so many scary creatures in the world, many Americans agreed to trade our liberties away to the federal government in the hope of being kept safe and secure.
And it’s not just scary creatures that many Americans are scared of. Seniors and near-seniors are also scared to death of losing their Social Security and Medicare, convinced that they would die in the streets or at least their homes if these socialist programs were to be repealed.
This phenomenon is not a coincidence. That’s what omnipotent government does. It produces a weak nation, one consisting of citizens who are deathly afraid of everything, are convinced that every boogeyman in the world is coming to get them, and are hopelessly dependent on the government’s welfare narcotic...........

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