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Wednesday, October 5, 2022

here's a 'surprise' for you. the empire is acting in ways in which it accuses others; 

Ships for civilian and food shipments have been arriving, loading, and leaving from the Ukrainian port of Odessa for weeks, after a deal reached with Russia to allow such non-military shipping.  Today, the United States was caught sending more HIMARS weapons systems, in the hold of a grain ship.

Above is the photo, taken today in the port of Odessa, Ukraine, showing HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems, inside the cargo hold of a grain ship.

This is in complete and total violation of an agreement between Russia and Ukraine, that ships into and out of Odessa, would only haul food.  That agreement came after Russia was lambasted over Ukrainian grain shipments that were allegedly for “poor, third-world, countries.”

Russia agreed to allow the grain shipments for the poorest nations on earth, but got screwed-over immediately, when 87 out of 90 ships in the ports of Ukraine, took the grain to Europe instead of to “poor, third-world, countries.”

Now, we see Ukraine violating the agreement yet again, to bring in U.S. long range HIMARS systems in the cargo hold of a grain ship.

(HT REMARK: The government of Ukraine has no honor.  Neither does the government of the United States.)...........https://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=259480

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