Saturday, October 29, 2022

 this closing will be a very large item that will impede 'getting back to normal';

This is the biggest, most consequential news on Earth today, yet only a tiny handful of people see it.

Masako and I were at BASF in Ludwigshafen 2x this year warning about the collapse of the Verbund. Warning this was coming. “Verbund” is a word invented by BASF to describe their amazingly complex 10 square kilometer plant. The incredibly interwoven chemical/industrial fabric — you must see it to believe it.

According to BASF, they cannot just shut down the plant without killing it. Like shutting down a human body. After you reach a certain point, it’s just a mouldering.

I’ve said on at least a hundred interviews — watch BASF. When BASF dies, Europe dies.

The green energy bullshit. The global warming bullshit. Stolen elections. The incredibly stupid ‘Ukraine’ war. The death jabs. No borders.

Billions of people will starve/perish from this and related collapse. This is Gigacide. ............more..........

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