Sunday, October 30, 2022

 tucker carlson has something to say about diesel;

It’s been two days since Tucker reported on this.  I freaked. I waited a couple days to settle down. I’m still freaked out. No shit, really.  Here’s the thing about all these End-Of-America scenarios — from the massive debt, to Weimer style inflation, to nuclear apocalypse, and all the rest — it could happen tomorrow, or in a year, or many years, or even not at all.

This situation is very very different. When the diesel is no longer available,  everything pretty much shuts down, and very quickly. Everything you consume, from food to thumbtacks come to you via trucks, ships, rail, and air, and it all runs on diesel. We have 25 days of diesel fuel left.  The fJB administration is “closely monitoring” the situation. Let me translate that for you;  we are seriously good and fucked come this Christmas! 

Q: Am I wrong?  Aren’t YOU freaked out by this???  If not, wtf are you smoking?

Where has all the Diesel gone, long time passing?
Where has all the Diesel gone, long time ago?
Where have all the Diesel gone?
Ol’ Joe sold it to China, every gallon.
Oh, when will we ever learn?
Oh, what will I eat this Christmas?

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